Navy Agreement To Extend Enlistment

Birgit Pauli-Haack  

First, sailors must use the entire length of the station for all permanent station changes. The orders concerned are responsible for checking the contractual games at the end of a sailor`s list or exceed the length of the trip to the nearest intervention site. You`ll find more contact information for employees who are interested in an extension or return in Thursday`s NAVADMIN. In addition to the sailors with the dates of separation mentioned, employees approaching a one-year term date may also extend their time in uniform. “There are currently more than 61,000 sailors whose summons contract expires before the scheduled rotation date,” said Vice-President Adm. Robert P. Burke in a Navy press release. “This misdirection leads to unexpected staff shortages.” 3. instructions for strengthening seafarers until administrative separation, which are not sufficiently required to restore authorization to retain and continue development under the new standards of physical preparation adopted at point a).

Active component of sailors at the end of active compulsory service (EAOS) or at the end of active compulsory service (extended) (SEAOS) and Selected Reserve (SELRES) Sailors with end of compulsory service (EOS) or end of compulsory service (as extended) (SEOS) until 31. December 2015, who were not eligible for a Career Waypoints (C-WAY) required due to three or more AFP failures in the past 4 years and the desire for the following extensions are permitted: (1) With the exception of Policy (PTT), they may apply for renewal via their order (service until December 31, 2015) addressed to Enlisted Career Administration/Enlisted Boards (PERS-81), in accordance with instructions provided at: npc/career/enlisteareareeradmin/Pages/ReenExt.aspx. (a) The objective of this extension is to allow these sailors to participate in Cycle 2, 2015 PFA without a C-WAY quota (if any). b) This extension of the TPP is proposed to all seafarers in this category, that their total renewal of a declaration is greater than the renewal authorized under the reference (j). c) If the total extension period is greater than that allowed by reference (d), the Office of Personnel Support has: 1. Preparing a validity period on paper, as approved. 2. Send a trouble ticket to the Standard Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) Help Desk, which is responsible for a copy of the DE 8 ETP authorization received above, a copy of the extension and a copy of that NAVADMIN as an authority.

The NSIPS helpdesk supports the command for updating individual records. (2) Following the adoption of Cycle 2, 2015 PFA, a second renewal application (service until 30 June 2016) must be submitted to PERS-81 in accordance with the guidelines: npc/career/encareeradmin/Pages/ReenExt.aspx presenting PRIMS results showing the pfa results of cycle 2, 2015. (a) As an ETP, this action does not require a C-WAY quota (if any). b) the follow-up measures necessary for conservation are listed in point j). For example, between January 1, 2016 and June 30, 2016, seafarers with EAOS or SEAOS and EOS or SEOS who are not allowed to be retained or are unable to file a conservation application due to negative assessments based on past AFP error history and desire to retain, receive an extension as follows: (1) Once the member has successfully completed the official cycle 2, 2015 PFA, the Sailors order should submit an extension request to Navy Personnel Command following the instructions at: npc/career/enlistedcareeradmin/Pages/ReenExt.aspx with PRIMS results that show the pfa results of Cycle 2, 2015.