Marketing Research Services Agreement

Birgit Pauli-Haack  

(f) use licensed materials to prepare, verify or modify directories or mailing/marketing lists sold, leased or provided to third parties that do not act on behalf of the customer; 2.1 The client pays the entire project amount to Nielsen in accordance with the proposal adopted. The prices shown do not include travel and other expenses approved by the Customer, which are reimbursed by the Customer within thirty (30) days from the billing date, in which these fees and any supporting documents are broken down. Transnational research can be affected by exchange rate fluctuations. If, in one of the foreign exchange markets, the exchange rate of the currency changes by 2.5% or more between the date of the proposal adopted and the delivery date of the final delivery order, 1.7 Nielsen will make an economic effort to meet the effective allocation of quotas in accordance with the proposal adopted, but does not guarantee that precise allocations will be made, as there are discrepancies in the achievement of Internet search results due to the self-selection of respondents in the sample population. Nielsen is not held responsible or punished for not meeting the exact allocation of quotas. 5.2 Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 5.1, Nielsens (i) tools, designs, techniques, know-how, methods and algorithms used in its market and opinion surveys, including its methods of collecting, compiling, compiling, interpreting, interpreting and analyzing in the components of delivery, (ii) concepts, inventions, software (including source code), models, systems, prototypes, sampling methods, research design, process or interrogation methods, analytics systems, tabelles maps, tapes and computer programs, recording media and other formats, information and materials, whether patentable or copyrighted and used by Nielsen in the course of carrying out their obligations under these conditions; (iii) Questions relating to the evaluation of evaluation and questionnaire forms (not provided by the client) and (iv) Nielsen Property) demographic data is not considered client property and remains the exclusive property of Nielsen at all times. Nielsen heress with a non-exclusive right and license to the customer for the use and internal distribution of all Nielsen real estate contained in the delivery items; provided, however, that the customer cannot redevelop the Nielsen property or modify or reuse the Nielsen property outside of the delivery components. 6.3 The customer and/or third parties may publicly disclose the data contained in the components of the delivery in a press release, at a conference or by any other means (a “public disclosure”) as long as such data is not presented in a misleading or illegal manner. However, the customer and/or a third party may not attribute the data to Nielsen or use or return Nielsen`s name, trademarks or logos in a public disclosure, including, but not only to an advertisement, Nielsen`s customer and/or third party (i) can only attribute the results when the services are published and must not use other Nielsen names, marks or logos, without Nielsen`s prior written consent, if Nielsen accepts this disclosure: “Participants in this study were provided by the Harris panel, including members of its third-party panel providers” and (ii) data weight, data analysis or data analysis.