Reseller Agreement Adobe

Birgit Pauli-Haack  

To create a digital workflow for Platinum partner contracts, the APC team implemented Adobe Sign, the electronic signature solution in Adobe Document Cloud, integrated with Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook. The solution was discussed in the Asia-Pacific region for tripartite changes to the reseller agreement, which are usually sent to partners at the time of the annual renewal of the contract. “The visibility we get from Adobe Sign and Microsoft Outlook notifications keeps everything on the same page,” says Indu Jarial. “This helps our account managers who no longer have to worry about making change agreements through the process and place them in the business conclusion.” Adobe resellers with the highest sales and customer penetration performance benefit from Platinum Partner status, which offers a wide range of rewards and benefits, as well as dedicated support to the APC team. Given its importance to Adobe`s business success, the company seeks to build a positive long-term relationship, starting with a smooth online contracting experience. As a Platinum partner, resellers have a deeper level of collaboration with Adobe, which is described in a detailed contract with an average of 21 pages. In the past, the conclusion of these contracts has been a long, labour-intensive process that could take up to 20 days. The mobile signature feature in Adobe Sign also speeds up and simplifies the signature process for travelers. “Partner executives or salespeople no longer have to worry about finding a printer or scanner while they`re on the go,” says Gaikwad. “You can simply check and sign changes on your mobile devices where they are.” The success of the Adobe Sign study in the Asia-Pacific region means that other groups and regions want to implement the solution for reseller agreements, modifications and other platinum-related documents that require signatures. “Checking agreements takes time and last year, between our manual process and full reseller schedules, some agreements did not reach our deadline,” says Fiona Chan, Asia Pacific legal specialist at Adobe. This year, with Adobe Sign, all changes to reseller agreements were made without notice.¬†Eliminating manual measurements means that Adobe`s APC and legal teams save a lot of time to get deals. Adobe`s legal team simply creates a change as a Microsoft Word document and uploads it to Salesforce.

From there, it is converted to PDF, then sent to the partner by Salesforce via Adobe Sign for an electronic signature. Partners can verify the change, pass it on to their legal teams and sign it electronically with Adobe Sign. The completed change will then be returned to Adobe Salesforce CRM via the workflow – with a full audit trail – and a copy will be automatically sent to the contract coordination team. The integration of Adobe Sign and Microsoft Outlook makes it easier to distribute and track processing contracts. APC representatives aren`t always in Salesforce, but they spend most of their day with their Microsoft Outlook app open. With the Adobe Sign plug-in for Outlook, APC employees use Adobe Sign`s “Send for Signature” feature to distribute a deal directly from the Outlook app to a signature partner. Whether in Salesforce or Microsoft Outlook, it can also quickly display the status of the contract, including the view, view, signature and exactly where it is in the signature workflow. Similarly, partners can use the Fill and Sign Adobe Sign feature to view, sign and return the agreement in Outlook.