Kunstpause #7 Wrapped Apostle

Kunstpause #7 Wrapped Apostle by Josep Maria Subirachs, photo by birgit pauli-haack aka #pauli

The sculpture depicts the Apostle Peter, wrapped in a sheet (metaphor of denial) after he denied knowledge of Jesus three times.

The sculptor, Josep Maria Subirachs, began work on the Passion Facade in 1987 after he studied Gaudi’s notes and plans for a year. The various scenes and details of the façade aimed to give a rigid, angular form to provoke a dramatic effect. Gaudí intended for this façade to strike fear into the onlooker. He wanted to “break” arcs and “cut” columns, and to use the effect of chiaroscuro (dark angular shadows contrasted by harsh rigid light) to further show the severity and brutality of Christ’s sacrifice.”

Kunstpause #6: Dust devil over landscape

Kunstpause #6: Dust devil over landscape by birgit pauli-haack aka #pauli

Automatons is what I call these fast passed little treasures. They are 8 x 11 canvas boards, created after a painting project is finally done. Now I need to clean the color palette and by doing that I also clean the soul of the residue of the finished painting. The colors are newly mixed and within 5  minutes distributed over the canvas board. It’s an unconscious process that would drive someone watching it crazy as there is no rhyme or reason to it. It’s serendipitous and sometimes it mounts to an image that can be looked at afterwards and sometime is just cements the chaos in my head disturbingly well, and you run to find order again. Sometimes they grow on me. When I look at them, they feel at the same time slightly familiar but mostly removed, like it’s a different part of me who created them. It’s the detached right brain at work, and it gave the left brain not a single moment to be part of it, took on a life of its own.

Without doubt the technique as inspired by dadaists, for example, Andre Mason who did automatic drawings, or Max Ernst who after printing wood pattern on the canvas and used it as a starting point for his inspirations.


Kunstpause #5 Happy Place

Kunstpause #5 Happy Place by birgit pauli-haack aka #pauli

Every time life gets a little too hectic and I feel rushed. I take a deep breath and look at the beaches in Naples, Florida. I never get tired of the place. I probably have hundreds of photos of sunsets, sunrises, dramatic Florida clouds. And then I painted quite a few sunsets and beach views in oil on canvas between 2008 and 2010.

Kunstpause #4: Orchestra

Kunstpause #4 by birgit pauli-haack aka #pauli

At the Night Lights Event at the Naples Botanical Gardens celebrating the Winter Solstice, a series of abstract light photos made it into my camera. These FoundArt pictures give me great joy through the serendipitous beauty and the haphazardness of the composition, the enigmatic movements and the underlying speed displayed in these images. I started about four years ago, creating series over series. Haven’t done much with them and everytime I go back and review them they astonish me over and over again.