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A Serious Case of Cricotine Withdrawal

Naples Cricket ClubSo, I’ve been having these dreams lately.

There’s this one dream where I’m running down a lawn chasing this little red ball without ever being able to reach it.

In the other dream I’m just walking at a leisurely pace and then, all of a sudden, I have this urge to bend over quickly and swing my right arm over my head in a forward motion.

And then there is the one where a little red object is coming at me at high speed and I try to swash it away with a heavy stick. Only to make that object pop up high into the air and then hitting me on the head.

Anybody any idea what these dreams could mean?

I’m afraid it could be a serious case of CRICOTINE WITHDRAWAL!

Playing Cricket with Cricket Super Star

October 2012 - Sarasota Cricket Club

Christian enjoyed very much an all Sunday Cricket Game at Sarasota with the great Shiv Chanderpaul.

Harish (Captain of Naples Cricket Club) summarizes the game:
Ankur Patel was replaced by Janak Patel, the new Star of NCC. He scored 40 runs as an opener and then kept wickets very well accounting for a crucial stump-out. Shiv was his usual self scoring a century at his pace and some lofty hits after that to remain unbeaten on 135. We (Sarasota) scored 253 for 6 while they (Daytona) were 25 runs short with 9 wickets down. Christian got a nice wicket (stumpout) on his third ball of the only over he was given. Not my day though, even though I opened along with Janak, their bowling was very good.