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Yes, I am a little obsessed with Twitter, but just by being me and using twitter and Twittelator, I was able to go form 19% to 71%… makes a difference. Don’t know how yet, but I stick around and find out.

I am also checking out the Top50s on twitterank…

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2008 Thankgiving – Chez Christian

Christian hat mal wieder wieder wie ein Weltmeister gekocht ! Es war war sooo gut.

Chez Christian

Some Photos for our closest distant friends and family:-)/
Hier ein paar Bilder

    Dishes displayed:

  • Moist and very tasteful turkey
  • Yams with pears, rum, sugar and pecans
  • Perl onions w/ balsamic vinegar & sugar
  • Brussel sprouts with bacon
  • Filling Bread, herbs, Butternut squash, and chestnuts
  • Pattypan squash simply with butter.
  • And of course, gravy!
    Gerichte auf den Photos:

  • Zarter, gebratener Truthahn
  • Suesse Kartofeel mit Birnen, Rum, Pecannuesse und Zucker
  • Perlzwiebeln in Balsamico Essig und Zucker
  • Rosenkohl mit Speck
  • Semmel, Krauter, Moschus-Kuerbis, und Kastanien
  • Pattison (auch eine Kuerbis art) nur in Butter geschwenkt
  • Bratensosse

Now the picture ... Last of the series: Thankgiving Chez Chri... on TwitPic
Yams with Pears on TwitPicSummer Squash on TwitPicStuffing with Butternut Squash on TwitPicYummi Turkey on TwitPic

(All pix shot w/ iPhone camera, stored on TwitPic and twittered. TwitPic Badge didn’t work as it only displays the latest updated pix)